About us

Viewpoint BI is powered by HR-Fundamentals, a private company based in the United Kingdom.

Established in 2002, we are a people-focussed team with a strong understanding of technology and data.

Our background

2002 — A traditional HR services company

Our roots are traditional HR - supporting the day-to-day of employee behaviour, manager support and operational performance. We helped medium sized businesses navigate their people challenges and opportunities.

2008 — A focus on HR technology

We made a strategic decision to focus on HR technology, building innovative software solutions to help our customers manage their employee performance and communications. We were an early adopter of cloud-based software delivery, allowing rapid delivery of new features to customers with offices across the world.

2018 — Delivering value from people data

More of our clients wanted to improve their strategic decision making and better understand their data. We built new systems for our clients to help them deliver their strategic objectives and transformation programmes.

We have designed and implemented sophisticated cloud-based software to help organisations of all sizes understand their data. Our early objectives were to help people be more strategic, support business leaders and to help them drive their organisations forward.

What makes us who we are?

We love problem solving.There are very few easy projects in the world of HR and technology. People are complex. Technology is complex. Projects often have competing requirements. Our love of problem-solving is what drives us.

We focus on how to deliver business value.It's easy to get lost in complexity. Our background is entrepreneurial and driven by return on investment. We help our projects stay on time and within budget by focusing on our key objectives.

We enjoy the details. And the big picture.Projects succeed when they balance attention to detail against strategic goals. As technology people, we love to understand how things work. As business people, we grow when we understand the reasons. We aim to help our customers succeed by bridging the gap between technology and business value.

We love to automate.For complex projects, automation is nothing short of magical. It makes projects easier to define, plan and implement. It makes changes in requirements easier to deliver and ensure accountability.

Our leadership team

Helen Ramsey FCIPD, Operations Director


Helen founded the Company in 2002 and is responsible for strategy and operations. She has over 30 years of experience helping medium and large organisations get the most out of their employees.

Helen's specialist focus within HR is data and technology, helping department heads and business leaders make informed decisions.

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Stephen Simmons, Technical Director


Stephen is responsible for our technical strategy and platform architecture. He also leads our software development work.

Stephen has over 25 years of experience delivering successful projects in the telecoms, pharmaceuticals and insurance sectors. He has advised start-ups, investors and growing businesses in the US and UK.

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