People Analytics

Understand your people, their performance and their diversity.

We provide data analysis, reporting and visualistions to help organisations understand their costs, scale their workforce and communicate their stories.

HR Reports and Dashboards

Effective HR Reports and Dashboards

We help HR teams track their most important data and communicate with their stakeholders.

Talent Analytics

Talent Analytics with Effective Reports and Dashboards

We help teams work with their HR data, build reports, create dashboards, and deliver their objectives.

People Data Engineering

People Data Engineering

We help organisations transform and manage their data to provide the foundation for analytics and insights.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Ensure effective scenario planning and more informed decision-making by improving your HR data capabilities.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Transformation and Change

We help organisations scale up and downsize by creating reports to plan, track and manage recruitment, redundancy and staff rationalisation programmes. We can help develop scenario based forecasts and analyse projected costs and savings.

Organisation health and design

We turn your data into intuitive reports to support your organisation's decision-makers. We use Power BI, Excel, Tableau and other tools to transform your data into insightful HR reports.

We can create regular reports and interactive dashboards to support your day-to-day operations and organisation health. Our services include monthly board packs, project progress reports and KPI summaries.

Reward, compensation and benefits

We help organisations reduce costs by analysing payroll, compensation and benefits. We can undertake one-off analysis and ongoing reporting.

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