Our services

We help teams design, build and grow their data platforms.

We can help you with advice and opinions. We can create your people analytics reports. We can build your technology platform to help you manage your data more effectively.

People Data Strategy

Our experience can help you with your people data projects. We know the opportunities and can guide you through the choices.

Our skills and services can help you deliver your data analytics projects.

People analytics

Understand your people, their performance and their diversity. Use your peopls data to inform your strategy and guide your decisions.

We provide data analysis, report creation and dashboards to help teams understand their costs, scale their workforce and communicate their stories.

People analytics services

Oracle HCM Journeys

Employee engagement surveys

Customer insight

Do more for your customers with a clear understanding of who they are, their needs, and their behaviour.

We provide data management, reporting and insight for your sales, marketing and customer data. We can help you improve your customer journeys and deliver a better customer experience.

Customer data services

AI fraud detection


We create reports and visualisations that help people communicate their stories.

Our reports help companies manage their everyday operations and support organisational transformation projects.

Report creation

Deliver reports to your managers, decision-makers and customers that communicate your data effectively.

We work with you to understand your data and explore the options for presenting the insights.

Power BI reports

Oracle OTBI and BI Publisher reporting

Dashboards & visualisations

We create dashboards with charts and visualisations that are informative and engaging. We use leading tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Salesforce Tableau.

We can create interactive reports that allow end‑users to drill down into the details they need to see and explore the background behind the headlines.

Effective reports and dashboards

Data analytics & engineering

We help organisations transform and manage their data to provide the foundation for analytics and insights.

Data analytics

We find patterns, understand trends and discover new insights.

We use "traditional" methods of analysing data and innovative "modern" approaches such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We help customers understand their data and build the foundations for making better business decisions and communicating more effectively.

Data engineering

We create systems to help you manage your data. We build data transformation pipelines to cleanse and optimise your data.

We build systems to combine multiple datasets to uncover insight. We work with on‑premises data sources and the leading cloud platforms.

Data engineering services

Data migration and data cleansing

Software & Technology

We provide off‑the‑shelf tools and build custom software help organisations collect, manage and communicate their data more effectively.

Cloud consultancy

We help organisations make their first move to the cloud. We help secure cloud deployments. We help teams manage the cost of running cloud services.

Azure development services

Securing cloud applications

Custom software development

We build custom software to help organisations collect, manage and distribute their data more effectively.

Our skilled and experienced software developers create powerful, scalable and robust business applications. We understand cloud development and the challenges of working with data at scale.

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